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Information for Applicants

Please Note:

  • The trustees look favourably on organisations whose boards demonstrate equal opportunities.
  • We will consider applications for projects abroad or in the UK.

  • In any one year the grant range to a project is between £500 and £10,000.

  • Examples of projects we have recently funded are available here
  • We will consider applications for either capital or revenue funding but do not give grants to individuals.

  • Only in exceptional circumstances will grants be given for building work.

  • It is our normal practice not to give grants to the same project for more than three years.

  • Applicants  – whether successful or unsuccessful – should wait 12 months from the previous application date before applying again.

  • Projects which have had three consecutive years’ funding may apply again two years from the payment of the last grant.

  • Charities with a number of projects operating should choose a single project for their application.

  • Applications are considered at twice yearly trustees meetings in April and October and need to be received by 31st January and 31st July each year.

The Application Process:

  • The initial selection process will rely on the Application Form only – which can be posted or submitted online. Incorrect or incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Please be sure to provide an email address and also a website address if you have one and keep us informed of email changes during the application process.

  • If your application is shortlisted you will be contacted and asked to send further relevant information such as a project budget and your annual accounts. Please do not send these with your application form.

  • If posting a completed Application Form to the address below please do not staple the two pages together and do not send DVD’s/CD’s.

  • Please ensure you enter your email correctly. If posting a form please keep a copy.

  • Online applications will automatically receive a copy which also confirms the application has been received. We are unable to acknowledge postal applications.

  • Successful applicants will be contacted as soon as possible after trustee’s meetings. If you have been successful you will hear by the end of May or the end of November.

We look forward to receiving your application.

*We aim to keep our overheads to a minimum and do not have the resources to enter into correspondence about applications – please use the information provided here to complete your application. No further information will be provided. We receive many more applications than we can fund and, regretfully, we will be unable to support many good applications.

*IMPORTANT: To prevent any further contact going into your spam box we suggest you add our email address to your email address book.

Enquiries about progress will receive no response.

Additional Info

If submitting electronically please send the completed form to:


You can post applications to:

The Anchor Foundation, P.O. Box 7689, Perth, PH2 1JX

Our application form is available in PDF format. Click here to view.

The above Information for Applicants is also available in PDF format. Click here to view.